Al Bader Group Co. WLL


Since then, society has been marked by a momentous transformation. Communication, digitization and globalization have revolutionized the world of business and we at Al-Bader have taken the necessary strides to adapt to it and continue to branch out our interest into diverse business levels. Our extensive business portfolio and far reaching resources in a number of countries, mainly USA, UK, Far East & India provides us a strong base for international business.

With the liberation of Iraq, we have set sight on the emerging reconstruction opportunities by reinvigorating relations through strategic alliances with various multinational companies to attain full potential for perfect implementation.

The Al-Bader Group has a history of strong economic and cultural ties in the region. Our multi-lingual staff and dynamic global business force are fully prepared to assist in the Rebuild of Iraq during the post conflict era. Our capabilities extend over executing turnkey projects and contracts in supplying materials, skilled manpower and other commercial and industrial resources. Our success and strength lies in our multidisciplinary and experienced team of experts known for their competence in different fields which include Telecom, Property development, Stationery and Art supplies, Travel Management Services, Insurance & Brokerage, Healthcare, Scientific & Medical Equipment and Information Technology.



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