Al Ayuni Investment and Contacting Co

P.O Box. 4727, Riyadh 11412 Saudi Arabia

Al-Ayuni Investment and Contracting Company is graded as “First Class” contractor in Saudi Arabia in 2006. Al-Ayuni operates in eleven business sectors: Highway, Railway and Building Constructions, Equipment Services, Children’s Education, Information Technology, Marble and Mining, Pre Cast Concreting, Water works, Gas and Energy services, Real Estate Development, Vehicles services and Manpower services.

As a pre-eminent Saudi Arabian group, we are spending considerable time & energy to review and analyze the existing business process, strategy and keeping on updating to be a leader in market with professionalism. We, therefore, have built a strong partnership with Consultants, Suppliers, sub-contractors, Banks, Insurance Companies based on the mutual trust and respect earned from many years of adherence the company approaches.