Abdul Latif Jameel Co. Ltd.


In 1945, Abdul Latif Jameel was able to take a lead in the domestic markets of car spare parts; this was due to the fact that ALJ was dealing with the world's best selling cars, Toyota and the best selling luxurious cars, Lexus. Abdul Latif Jameel co Ltd. has also recently began its journey and career with Daihatsu proving that quality is based upon the workforce.

ALJ also provided employment opportunities for youths in many fields and has initiated a community service program that aims and strives at preparing both male and female Saudi youths to face the challenges in the labor market. This is due to the fact that Toyota believes that aiding an individual and/or community is one of the main pillars of the "Toyota way", the respect of people; which is why Toyota has replaced the title "customer" with "guest" and "employee" with "associate".


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